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What to Expect Before and After a Tooth Canal Treatment

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
What to Expect Before and After a Tooth Canal TreatmentA tooth canal refers to the tissues with living cells, veins, and nerves inside the pulp chamber. When the pulp chamber gets infected, which can be brought on by dental decay or gingivitis, a tooth canal treatment is necessary. A toothache points to the inflammation that either of the problems causes. A tooth canal treatment is essentially done to save the tooth. A tooth canal treatment is also referred to as an endodontic treatment.

Anesthesia Administration

The tooth canal treatment is an invasive procedure. Therefore, the patient will have to be put under local anesthesia to numb the area.

Isolating the Infected Tooth

To avoid spreading the infection, the rest of the dental environment must be kept separate from the infected pulp. Also, to note is that there are bacteria that are present in your mouth, and your saliva is not particularly sterile. Therefore, a dental dam is used to cover the rest of the teeth as the infected tooth is being operated on. By using a dental dam, isolation is achieved. A hole is made through which the tooth being worked on will protrude.

Getting into the Pulp Chamber

To gain access to the pulp chamber, a hole is drilled through the tooth. The pulp chamber is cleaned, and the infected tissue is eliminated.


After thoroughly cleaning the chamber and removing all infected tissue, the area will be sanitized with antiseptic solutions to kill any remaining bacteria. This will help in the healing process.

Shaping and Filling the Root Canal

The root canal is shaped in this last phase to prepare it for root canal fillings and sealants. Gutta-percha, a thermoplastic substance, is employed as a filler in the newly shaped root canal. The tooth is then sealed with an adhesive cement which acts as a sealant to prevent reinfection. Lastly, the hole created to access the root canal is sealed by covering it with a filler. Finally, the dental dam is taken out.

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