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Teeth Whitening
Dentist Tempe, AZ

Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a Black man's smile at A Great Smile Arizona inTempe, AZ.Teeth whitening is a way of lightening the color of the teeth to keep your smile healthy and bright. It is a popular dental procedure that involves bleaching your teeth to make them whiter and improve the way they look. It is a very effective and extremely safe procedure that can boost your self-confidence and transform your smile. Ideally, if you notice that your teeth are not as white as they were as before and brushing is not enough to whiten them, then you can opt to have a teeth whitening dental procedure. Our dentist at has many years of experience in teeth whitening and you can book a consultation to discuss your teeth health.

Does Teeth Whitening Work?

This dental procedure works although it is not permanent. It can last for several months or up to three years. It depends on the person and how they take care of their oral health. Teeth whitening will not last for a long time if you smoke, drink coffee, or tea or red wine, which can all stain your teeth.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

In essence, a professional dentist uses two chemicals to whiten your teeth. These chemicals include carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, the latter of which breaks down when it is applied to your teeth. These chemicals penetrate into the enamel and then attack the stained chemical compounds through the process of oxidation. As it breaks down the compounds, it allows the molecules to reflect light again to give a brighter and whiter appearance.

Breaching is an effective and quick way to restore the pearly white appearance of the teeth. These chemical solutions are similar to teeth-whitening products that are sold at drugstores or supermarkets. The only difference is the strength of the concentration.

During the tooth whitening appointment, your dentist will use a chart to show you various shades of teeth. Then the patient will choose their preferred shade for the ultimate goal of the teeth whitening process. The patient needs to return several times to the dentist to fully whiten the teeth. Ideally, the dentist will apply the bleaching solution directly into your teeth, carefully avoiding it from irritating your gums and other parts of your mouth.

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that allows you to restore the beauty of your smile without a big expense. The average teeth bleaching results can last for six months to three years. However, in most cases, a lot of individuals tend to have results that last for about one year. The lifespan of this bleaching treatment depends on your lifestyle as well as the type of bleaching agent used. How you take care of your teeth is why some teeth whitening treatments last for three years while others only last for six months.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

When used correctly, teeth whitening is an effective and safe procedure that can deliver satisfying results. Since the ingredient of the breaching solution is hydrogen peroxide, which you can find in most mouthwashes and toothpaste, this makes it completely safe for whitening the teeth.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

What is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

In-office teeth whitening requires you to have several visits to your dentist. First, the dentist will check the gums and teeth to ensure that they are healthy before they start any treatment. They will also check your tooth color and then decide how white your teeth will eventually be.

After that, they will clean your teeth to remove the plaque. The teeth are dried and then a retractor is utilized to keep your tongue and lips from interfering with the bleaching solution. They will use a shield or gel to protect your gums.
The front surface of the teeth is covered with the whitening solution and the dentist will use a special light to activate the whitening process. Moreover, the dentist will rinse all the solution and they may apply fluoride to minimize tooth sensitivity. When they are done, you will discuss with the dentist about the post-care which includes the drinks and foods to avoid in the next few days to maximize the whiteness.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

There are numerous factors that lead to discolored or stained teeth. This includes age, smoking, dental hygiene, and food and drinks that we consume. Although there are some factors that we cannot control including age. Teeth tend to change color as we age because of the natural wear and tear of the enamel. It is very important to brush your teeth twice a day and use approved toothpaste that can assist to minimize stains in your teeth. If you have any concerns with your teeth, you can always schedule a consultation to discuss with your dentist.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Teeth whitening does not hurt because it is a safe and simple dental procedure. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. It is a relief to know that you can receive teeth-whitening treatment with self-confidence without worrying about any discomfort during the procedure. Although some patients experience sensitivity after treatment, the dentist will apply a special gel on their mouth and will remove it after having the treatment. In case you have gum sensitivity, you can always take pain relievers.

Will Whitening My Teeth Damage My Enamel?

One of the main advantages of whitening your teeth using professional care is that you will minimize the risk that may arise to your gums, tooth enamel, and any other parts of the tooth. Getting teeth whitening from a dental professional will help you to reduce the chances of root damage and tooth sensitivity.

Schedule a Professional Teeth Whitening Appointment

Do you want a brighter smile? Teeth whitening is a cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment that works best. To get started with teeth whitening treatments, contact A Great Smile Arizona at (480) 672-0007 to schedule your appointment.

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